Monday, May 2, 2016

Healthy Drinks

Every day we use various drinks carbonated or soft, cocktails, teas and many others that we buy from the supermarket. Read the following article and lock as actually how healthy are the drinks that are part of our everyday lives.

Water: We already know that drinking water is a key factor for your body to be healthy. By drinking at least 6 cups of water a day , you will help to smooth the wrinkles on your face, prevent headaches and nausea. It can even improve your metabolism if you drink water with a temperature of 72 degrees. It is really a lot you can get from the drink that you does not even pay for it!

But water is not the only drink that takes care of your health. Coffee that people think they are dependent on it, is actually liquid gold. It can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease and to reduce breast cancer, skin cancer, diabetes,and in some cases even cancer of the internal organs.

Here are some drinks that are equally healthy like water:

Orange juice: Protect against diseases that attack the heart. Antioxidants in orange juice protects against clogging of blood vessels. People who eat fast food if they drink orange juice will have less disease related with artery's, where oranges can protect artery's from free radicals in the blood that occurs eating fried food and burgers and then drink water showed a study in America.

Chamomile tea: Will make you feel calm and serene. Those who drink chamomile tea two consecutive months, feel less anxiety, showed a study in Pennsylvania. Relax with chamomile tea before going to bed and you will have peaceful and calm dream.

Cranberry Juice: Protects your palate. The natural ingredients in this juice also protect your oral cavity from different bacterias. Cranberry Juice gives 39 percent of daily need of vitamin C and raises levels of good cholesterol.
cranberry juice

Chocolate Milk: It makes flat your stomach muscles. A glass of chocolate milk gives you a great combination of carbohydrates and protein, which help you to "recover" from exercise.

Green tea: Keeps your weight in balance. If you regularly drink green tea you have 22% chance to not get extra pounds.Green tea is full of antioxidants and therefore protects from cancer and diseases of the heart.

Tomato juice: Reduces the risk of cancer. Full of vitamins and likopin that protect against cancer. You can try it spiced with celery sticks.

Black tea: Protects against skin cancer. Hot or cold, black tea is great for healthy skin and a great way to start the morning, when you tired of coffee.

Despite these really healthy drinks you should think twice before trying some of the next drinks that we think are “healthy” when we buy them.

Fruit juices: Often we buy fruit juices that are packaged in paper or plastic containers. We think we do an excellent choice, as opposed to soft drinks. Yes, as opposed to soft drinks we make a good choice, but do not hope that you consume healthy drink. 100% sign is located on nearly every bottle of fruit juice, but you should read carefully is it writes 100% fruit or 100% natural, which is a good trick to attract buyers. If you read carefully in some fruit juices there are no fruit at all, while the other has about 5-10%. Have you ever wondered what is the rest? These juices are full of sugar and are not included in really useful drinks. So remember that fruit juice who will flow out of your juicer is something precious and irreplaceable thing.

Energy drinks:Energy drinks today are really "in fashion". But their content is not naive. They contain large amounts of caffeine, sugar and many other substances that can harm not only the long term, but in the short term too. Use energy drink only when you really need it, and only one. Do not exaggerate because in the least you can end up in hospital.

Drinks for Athletes:You can use these drinks, but in small quantities. Some of them are really useful and healthy, but some have incredibly large amounts of sugars and additives that are not beneficial to your health. Always read the label.

Cocktails:Cocktail are drinks that are often used in summer. Are they healthy or not, depends on what is in the cocktail. Domestic fruity cocktails can never be harmful, but those you will buy on the beach are likely to be very high in sugar, even alcohol, which not puts them in a group of healthy drinks. Be careful with cocktails. In the summer you need refreshment, but nobody would suit refreshing with more than1000 calories.

For every drink you can say something. Generally, all drinks are healthy if are prepared from natural ingredients. I sincerely advise you before you buy any drink, read its label.

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